I applied for a few loans online and received a call from 202-600-8905, a Washington number, and it was a Mr Alex Smith who asked me if I applied and how much I would like to borrow. I stated the amount and he said next that I was pre approved for more at the same interest rate and my monthly payment would stay the same so I said okay. He then went over the contract and payment terms and that for processing and PPI I needed to pay 214$ for my funds to be released. I paid via Apple like they requested and I awaited my funds.. I then got a call from a Mr Frank Johnson from their IRS department in New York who said any loan over 3,999$ nyou needed to pay your State tax. CA is 5.2% so that would be 364$. I paid 380$ and that wasnt correct even though they took my money first and then told me. They then stated I needed to pay the exact amount but that they valued me as a customer and they would help me out by paying 164$ and all I needed to do was pay 200$. I paid the 200$ and they took the money and then told me that they couldnt pay from another State so I needed to pay the amount myself. Then when I wanted to cancel, which there is nothing in their contrat that states 21 working days or that there would be any charges, and no cancellation fee. They then stated it would be 21 business days, there would be charges, and I had to pay 104$ cancelation fee before they would cancel my account and give me back my money. They took 214$ and then 380$ and then 200$ and gave nothing in return. This company also uses the numbers: 716-226-6669; 202-600-8905; 631-292-4816 | Run Run Run Run from them if you receive a call! I will be calling the BBB and AG and whomever I can to stop them from using peoples hardships and situations against them.


  • Name: Trust Cash LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Alaska
  • City:
  • Address:
  • Phone: 2026008905
  • Website: