We had found a dress at tt-ny had help from the manager and my mom loved this gown she tried on it was just too right… The lady said if we paid for it today she could give ais a deal and she would quickly order the gown in a size bigger and we agreed to this! So after being told in 4 weeka the dress would be in we waiting and called them until they said it was in.. Instead they took the dress my mom originally tried on and opened up all the seems … Being in the business For over 30 years my mother told the lady nicely she didn’t like the dress and it had snags all in the front from trying to let it out the lady told me it was basting from the dress which wasn’t true also none of the seems were propely pressed so you can see what they did. Then she said she would call the company to immediately get the bigger size because again the dress did not fit properly… After weeks of waiting and yet no other phone call i called she said the order came in the new shipment that morning it had arrived..again another lie.. I went there again and asked to see the dress before I picked it up and took it home it had been completely altered they had added two pieces to the sides and let out the pleats in the bottom and you could see the old stitch pattern because of the material is so delicate… Truely disappointing after 6 weeks of waiting for this dress where they should of said from the beginning it was not yet available anymore.. now the wedding is 1 week away and I am running around looking for a dress and they will not return my calls or give me a refund I very unhappy and would like people to know how frustrated and poor customer service I got here!

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