Complaint: I called them about two weeks ago, and asked if there were any pilots operating aircraft in the area from Tubbs Aviation airport. They said there were. I asked who, and they said they have a private investigator doing an investigation in the area. I asked who the person is and the person I spoke to told me that his name is Mark Kemp, and he is looking for a man by the name of David Kemp from Lawton Oklahoma who is wanted for murder. I asked why the hell are the aircraft flying so low in my neighborhood, and he repiled that it’s normal procedure. The aircraft was flying so low that I could see the N number on the plane!! The N number is N73707! I told him that it’s a violation of my privacy for him to fly that low in my neighborhood, and he replied that Mark had a right to do it according to the Patriot Act! I told him that I would hire an attorney because it is a nuisance for a plane to continuously fly around in circles over my house! It’s also an illegal search and seizure and goes against my Fourth Amendment rights!! He replied that I would probably lose the case. He asked me what street I was on and I told him that it was near 5th street! He told me that it was a normal procedure during an investigation! I asked him if he had permission from the police department to do this, and he told me to contact the assistant chief of police in Duncan and talk to him about it! I didn’t but I still think this airport should be investigated and the pilots should be arrested for violating my fourth amendment rights!! There is more than one plane that is flying in circles in my neighborhood! I don’t care if they are looking for a fugitive, it has become a nuisance and a violation of my constitutional rights and civil rights! I am also concerned that the plane might crash into a house in the neighborhood because it is flying so low!!

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 701 Redvine Rd Edmond, Oklahoma United States of America


Phone: 580-252-9896