My husband and I made the mistake of signing up for a 1 year contract after our first massage and didn’t ask all the right questions, like is this possible to cancel if we change our minds? Well, it’s not. Massage Envy has gone out of their way to make sure there is no way you can get out of this contract after you sign it. We tried to cancel 3 months in & we were told our only option was to freeze the account for 6 months. I had just found out I was pregnant and would have to quit my job. So we froze the account thinking we would figure out a way to try and resolve this in the meantime. After 6 months they started charging us again for the massages. At this time we called again and tried to cancel but we were told we would have to pay a $300 fee to cancel and we would have to use all our massage credits (3 each so $264 worth) within 2 weeks or they would be forfeited. That is a really short amount of time to use up all those massages and we didn’t think it was right that we would have to pay a fee and lose the massage credit we already paid for. We asked if we could have the credit amount given to us in gift cards, then at least we could give them to someone else to use. They refused to work with us. We basically feel it is an unethical business practice to charge us for a service that hasn’t been provided. So we filed a complaint with the BBB (case #19030177 if you are interested). They refused to apologize for the situation or take any responsibility and called us liars. The only option they gave us was to pay $150 each ($300 for both of us) to cancel and then we would have to use all our massage credits (which is now 6 each or $528)within 90 days or they would be forfeited. I already told them I am 38 weeks pregnant and it would be impossible for my husband and I to use all those massages in that short amount of time. They don’t care. I’m not going to pay over $828 for services that I never received (although they seem eager to collect payment for a service they never provided) so we are honoring our contract. We will pay for and use all of our massages and will hate every second we spend in their presence. What a wonderful, relaxing massage experience! Don’t sign the contract unless you are sure this is what you want. We learned a big lesson.

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