Complaint: I arrived at Tucson Medical Center emergency dept at 5:30. I was called in good time for my blood pressure and temp. reading then sent back out. Was then about 40 min later called in for registration…this is the time you are officially billed and then sent out to wait. At this time their work is done..they’re already getting your money and you wait. 4 hours…typical story I know but then I learned through informal channels ,because I used to work there, that my wait would be 14 hours. This becomes prohibative and hence a denial of care.Essentially they billed me and told me to go somewhere else. I did talk after much persistance to the ceo and she was dissmissive and said thats the way things are. The staff is rude there and the whole proccess is broken. When I told the ceo this she laughed and gave me the old canned “we strive to improve and deliver quality care”” bla bla…Tmc has a motto…””the most care”” but the rumor inside and outside the hospital is The Murder Center.Dont go there!”

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