I got sick and was in the hospital. I told them to cancel my ACH withdrawals. 2 months later I was home. I called to make ONE payment. They pulled that one out of my account. That was fine. 4 days later they pulled out another one. Now I’m $500 overdrawn plus fees! I called them to ask WTF?! They said I was enrolled in the autopay program. I told them I had withdrawn from that and only authorized ONE payment. Not TWO! They said “too bad” and wouldn’t refund my money. I called my bank. I’m calling their states attorney generals in the morning. And the states’ banking boards as well. They are b******s! Avoid them at all costs!


  • Name: Tuition Management Systems
  • Country: United States
  • State: Rhode Island
  • City: Warwick
  • Address: 171 Service Ave. Suite 200
  • Phone: 401-921-3999
  • Website: www.afford.com/