After placeing one order where all the items showed in stock when ordering. Recieved order and 4 of the colors were out of stock. Shipping and handling is very high, so I only wanted to order when I could get all of it so I didn’t have to pay handling fee twice. Emailed them and they said they were restocking to watch the site. I checked each day till I saw everything I wanted was in stock. Re ordered, and again all showed in stock. Got my order and lots of missing colors. Charged again high shipping and handling fee. I live in the same state and know what rates are, you would of thought they sent it across the country, the charges were so high. After I recieved 2nd order, I emailed and asked why they showed in stock when ordered but weren’t sent. How were we to know when they actually were in stock, so we didnt have to pay repeat fees everytime their site was WRONG! No Reply. I then recieved a survey from them to complete. I completed it with the above info. And low and behold, they deleted it. They only show you good comments, not ones from disatisfied customers. I not only won’t use them anymore, but make sure anyone asking about them knows how they treat their customers.

1250 E. Acacia St. Ontario, California United States of America


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