We recieved diet pills in the mail that we didn’t order. We’re both built thin, we have no need for the pills. I tried to contact them through their 800 number, no answer. I tried to go to their web-site , it’s a time share outfit. I queried many different ways always leading to closed sites or the sites had closed them off. I put the pills on the counter. nThey withdrew funds from my girlfriends checking account through a POS and put the account in overdraft. We never gave any kind of permission. Never ordered any product. Never even heard of these guys until this week. nThis is the only site that I have been able to possibly contact them or notify them. To let them know That I’M TELLING EVERYONE nRIP OFF RIP OFF RIP OFF nRichardnRedmond, OregonU.S.A.

5252 N. ENGLEWOOD DR #325 PROVO, Utah U.S.A.


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