This company took $229.00 from my account after I had returned the unused 2 bottles of Zylacor III to them within the time alloted. I have proof that they received the product before my they charged my account. They have refused to refund my money, and wanted to send the product back to me at my expense. I told them I had no use for a product that does not work. I canceled my debit card to avoid further charges from this company.nFurthermore, all information about them has disappeared from the internet. They have changed their phone number numerous times, and my further attempts to contact them have been futile. nI filed a complaint with the Utah BBB. I have received no response from them, but in checking their reliability report for this company, I find that they have numerous unresolved complaints about this company. The company simply refuses to cooperate with the Better Business Bureau. The reliability report also states that this company has no license to operate in Utah. Please visit and check out Turley-Thompson also known as Tree House Marketing. nSharonnBuffalo, South CarolinaU.S.A.

400 West 5050 North Provo, Utah U.S.A.


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