TweakBit I was looking for Internet securiety, they came upon my laptop.. Next thing I know I can see my passwords I’ve never saved! I start to panich, and delete/uninstall said Tweakbit. They charged me $49.95 twice, how did they do that when I never ordered anything nor did I use there sevice.. I’ve asked for my money to be returned, now after reading this, I’m putting fraud on them.. Internet!!. I wrote this on the other page sorry.. Lost my tablet, so had to open my new laptop, which was two year’s new in box.. Needed lots of updating, so my internet securiety was down, OMG, were they out to get me or what.. Today I;ve never expierenced so much fraud in my life.. Slimware, tweakBit, they all took money from me, and one with no name, $29.95, $88.34, the TweakBit twice for $49.95, that’s right another $49.95 toal $99.90 they owe me, and I want it back right now!!! I’ve asked them for it, it seems I’m not going to get it, s

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