We purchased a Duraflame fireplace/heater last December. Worked fine for the times we wanted extra heat for the really cold days. When we started it back up this winter, the heater would keep shutting off. When we would attempt to turn the knob to give us more heat nothing would happen. Had to constantly turn it on and off several times before the heater would stay on to heat our room. Called customer service, never heard back from them, had to continuosly call to try to find out why we were having this problem when we hadn’t used the unit for more than 5 months total off and on. After many phone calls with no one calling us back, we finally talked to someone that said it looked like we needed a new heater/blower!!! Well against our better judgement we ordered one on January 25th of 2012. They billed our credit card immediately, but as of this date 2/10/2012 we have not received it nor have we ever been notified if it was on backorder. But they made sure they billed us right away. Do not purchase from this company, you will regret it when you need to deal with their absolutely awful customer service!!!!

1690 South Congress Ave – Suite 210 Delray Beach, Florida 33445, Florida United States of America


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