Complaint: Gary Vass first mislead me into thinking the MSRP on the 2009 Cfmoto Fashion 250cc was $3000.00. He said that he would have to charge me an additional $140.00 to cover the services charges the credit card company charges him. I had decided to put the bike on a credit card to give myself some leverage if I was getting screwed over which I absolutely was. The first red flag in this transaction was that the bike was not even at his Kearney Street Store. He had to have it brought over from his other store and when it finally got there, I noticed the mechanic was taking alot of time trying to get the bike started. I walked back there & saw that the bike was having difficulty getting fuel to the carburator. After sever attempts to start and much priming and gas. the bike finally started but was really laboring while idiling. I finally was able to ride away but barely got home because of mis-firing and sputtering. I took my wife for a short ride and the bike died at least 5 times while throttling up. I limped home at low speed and the following thursday took the bike back to the dealer for their inspection. Joe, the mechanic took it for a test run & aggreed their was a problem with the fuel pump & they would order another. I was headed home on the bike and it absolutely quit for good this time and had to have it transported back to the shop. Gary never called me back after a week. I had to call him to find out that the fuel pump is the problem but is currently on back order from China. He insisted they would have it in another week. Again, Gary did not call me back after a week & I called him to find out that the part never came in and he informed me that it could be as much as 3 week if then. I said this was not acceptable since he has now had my money over three weeks and I wanted what I bargained for. Gary said that he is not responsible and he was real busy and ask me to call him back later in the day. My next call was to my credit card company to dispute the charges on my credit card used for purchase this garbage. The credit card company asked if there was anything on the invoice about “all sales being final”” & there was not so ole Gary Vass gets his two wheel junk pile returned for some other poor slob to experience my unfortunate misery. The company will reverse the charges & take the money directly from his account. The other issue I caught Mr. Vass in a big lie was about the MSRP. There are a number of Cfmoto dealers on the east & west coast offering the bikes at $2100.00 mainly because of the fact that they are 2 years old now and all the newer models have fuel injection. I wish I would have done more investigation about The Super Scooter Shop but I did not and it really cost me much anxiety and the sad fact there are many criminals selling items that are very good con artists. I hope everyone reads this as well as the other reports on this company and gets this man out of business.”

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Address: E. Kearney Springfield, Missouri United States of America


Phone: 4173536329