Complaint: Timeline: June 23, 2000 — Made a reservation for a 14′ truck to be used for a one way move from College Park, MD to Annapolis, MD. The quoted price was $78 for the truck and 50 miles. The confirmation page indicated that someone would contact me. June 24 – July 6 — no one contacted me July 7 — called U-Haul location in Hyattsville, MD (assigned pick-up location) to confirm my reservation. The manager (Melvin) had some difficulty with the reservation, and told me to come in on July 15 to pick up my truck. July 14 — called to check on reservation; at this time the extremely rude (“it’s not my fault

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Address: i didn’t take the reservation””) U-Haul rep (her name was “”Tee””) who answered the phone could not find any documentation of my reservation; she told me to call customer service

Website: not much help here. July 15 — showed up at 7:00am for truck

Phone: and come in on July 15 at 7:00AM when they opened to speak with a manager. –Called customer service