Complaint: I do not have a fulltime job at the present time but my husband does. I have just started to try to work because I am having great hardships. In spite of all that, my husband decides to stop paying the rental fees causing me to have to do it. When I could not get UHaul to waive the outrageous $60 late fee, they programmed their phone to cut off and hang up on me every time I call. I’ve never experienced a company with so little class and absolutely no kind of integrity or care for a customer. I believe they have a racial attitude towards me. Somehow I don’t believe they are this evil to everyone and if they are, it just shows how doubly incompetent they are. As soon as I was forced to pay this outrageous amount, suddenly the phone was working again. People of this nature aren’t good for anything. I’m working on getting my storage out of that low class facility. You would think they would be helpful, but all they want is money. It really has a racial tone to it. I just can’t believe anyone can be this mean, hateful and crazy. And when the low classed lady answered the phone, she says I’m sorry it’s our policy when I know it’s a bald face lie. What they are charging is outright usury and against the law. They had already charged one late fee, but they decided to double it. No one does that. I am complaining because I want them stopped. Treating customers like less than human beings is not acceptable. They must be dealt with. D Durden

Tags: Civil Rights Violators

Address: 10125 N IH35 Austin, Texas USA


Phone: (512)973-9227