My story about this company is similar to the last report filed. The difference is, the sales person lied to me several times to make the sale. nThe last report here about this company was filed 3 years ago, and I am very surprised that these guys are still in business. I am going to call Westfield Mall Horton Plaza, San Diego to discuss my story with them. nThe salesman there sold me two of their Car Baby devices (phone reception over any FM radio) for 45 dollars. The guy said he was giving me a deal on two. He said they normally sell for 39 dollars each (Not one company sells the devices for this amount of the companies I researched), but he would sell me 2 for 45 dollars. They sell for less than 15 dollars on the internet each (feel free to research yourself and you will see). Being that this wasn’t a big ticket item, I took his word for it. Although their prices are exhorbitantly high, the consumer obviously must be aware, and I take responsibilty for purchasing a product spontaneously. When I tried to return the items, I noticed the receipt said “All sales final”” (Again

I take responsibility for buying spontaneously from a vendor). I felt quite naive

as I don’t normally purchase anything spontaneously. The guy was certainly a “”good”” sales person

but I was upset that he lied serveral times to make the sale. nHere is a list of the lies he used to sell me the device: n1. He said that in the State of California

starting in July