When I first contacted the company, I was asked if I would be interested in cancelled orders and their display model program, both of which would save me thousands. Of course I said yes. They sent a salesman who claimed he wasn’t a salesman but instead was a company rep. BUT, I must agree to sign a price non-disclosure statement. Gee, I feel trusted and special already! nSo the price started at MSRP with a thousand off here for display purposes and a few thousand off there because someone else lost there deposit. Now what size did you need sir? Cell phone call, just so happens, they have one of those on a truck right now, being shipped to auction in Texas to make room for more steel at the factory. So will will sell you it $X tonight, but I have to call the dispatcher and see if we can get it off the truck in time. nYou are in LUCK, we have until 10pm to get it off the truck? You can’t make a decision tonight? well wait a minute while I tell my boss. another phone call, another $1000 off the purchase price. nI tell him I see right through his high pressure sales techniques, but NO, this wasn’t that at all, they were just trying to get me a great deal so I would be happy and be a spokesperson for their product! nSo I finally tell the guy I’m not making a decision tonight, no way. He comes back and says what dollar figure WOULD be necessary for me to make a decision. I said there was no such figure. So he calls his boss and lets him know that I won’t be needing the building anymore. Then tells me I can have it for $2000 MORE off the lowest price, and NO SALES TAX (wrong, or otherwise illegal to do so). The price was a full 2/3 off the starting price. The price offered was going to be the starting bid at the auction tomorrow! WOW! nOh, by the way, there is a $350 processing fee. nSo he went on his way. I kept checking prices and got offered an even better deal, on a better building, from a completely different company, for a bit cheaper, right off the bat. with none of the silliness. nThe funny thing was, the “factory rep”” told me he wanted to tell me the building tonight

because if he didn’t

that statistics tell them they lost the sale and I won’t come back. Hmmmm

they only sell their buildings to people who fall for the hard sell

other wise they would never be stupid enough to go back! nAt least I didn’t get caught up and fall for it! nJoenJackson