Set up the phone on dec26th 2016. Number is [protected]. I called back to find out how to get hot spot. The guy said he had to put it on the phone. I asked him about the 500 mb. If my son downloaded something on the phone and then deleted it would he still have the 500 mb to use. He said yes. So that tells me that the 500 mb can be used and then erase whatever was downloaded in the phone and the 500 mb can be used again. Listen to the phone conversation on the 26th. I got off my phone and told my son what the guy told me. Now the phone was shut off and cannot be used until $150.00 is paid. I was not explainex at the set up time that once the 500mb was used the usage went up a level for more money. I was payibg for one plan and you company gave me a more expensive. Plan. Your customer service people did nit explain that your company could change my plan that i wanted at anytime. Your company is saying that i owe$150 for sonething that was told to me wrong. I just gotoff the phone with billing and neither the rep or her supervisor wanted to listen to me. The rep was rude and did not want to listen to what i was told. The supervisor did not want to listen either. She told me that i was told during activation about being moved up in usage and i was not explained that. She also told me that it was not true what the guy told me about the 500mb. The rep and her supervisor should have come right out and called me a liar. They did not try to help at all. Whst it comes down to is your customer service. Reps do not know what they ate talking about and i will not pay for something that i was told wrong. Call me to settle this matter at [protected] or write me at 6343 jersey mt rd romney wv 26757. … Not happy with your company Sharon Hornsby

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