Complaint: I went on Craigs list to find a puppy for my family. I responded to one and happened to be scam but seemed all legit. Lady web page came up the transport came up. I spoke with lady she said couldnt raise all 4 dogs at one time. I send 470 for both puppies to be shipped. Qhich in turn u ship contacted me for insurance money which I only gave 200 they wanted 1000. Then needed another 300 that I sent. Lady kept saying god bless you at end of every e mail. Even when I asked her to put up other money. U ship is still asking me for money stating they need new crate cause the puppies are in danger. Another 1000 that will come to me after they are delivered today. I’m a disabled person who just wanted a companion dog. NO MORE MONEY from me. THEY Should both be ashamed of themselves.

Tags: Dog Breeders

Address: Internet USA