Uber Scam, retaliation, exploitation Los angeles Ca!!. Donu2019t waste your time, Uber exploits its drivers. Bonuses are a waste, you make less than minimum wage, and Uber discriminates and will stop pairing you with passengers. Weekend bonuses used to be 30 trips but uber decided to move the finish line and change the bonus to 35 trips. This is pretty much the entire platform of uber. If you arrive in a surge area, they remove it. If you get close to finishing a bonus, uber takes you outside if the city. It is the quintessential carrot in front of your nose. To hell with this app. They gouge your earnings and drop your rating at whatever the cost. They cheat drivers out of their money and bonuses because uber needs the money more than drivers. You will waste time and spend your money in gas and maintenance. Instead of callin it ride share it should be call free rides since uber collects all of the profit and takes what little uber drivers have; shame. After writing

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