If you are thinking about purchasing UGG Australia products or any other name brand online you better be careful. According to several reports approximately 8% of China’s revenues come from counterfeit products.We recently purchased a pair of UGG Adirondacks on a website at a discount of around 20%. We were then contacted by a representative from uggsbootsonsales.com asking us if we wanted a different color since the one we purchased was not available. I requested a refund and have not heard from them since. Now I have to go through the process of filing a claim with Visa and the bank in which I will out 156.00 and no product for at least 30 days or so.CHECK BEFORE YOU BUY!!! Some of these sites have domain names very similar to the OEM and look very convincing. To check for authentic sellers for UGG go to:www.uggaustralia.com/beware-cheap-ugg-boots-for-sale/counterfeit-education,default,pg.htmlHere you can enter a website to check for fraudulent websites plus find certified dealers. Other OEMs provide similar authentication.I also wouldnt trust eBay or other online sites where offers for new name brands are deeply discounted.I know we are all looking for a good deal, but in reality, if its a popular item, you probably wont find one.

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