i ordered a pair of ugg boots on December 17th, 2010. I was sent an email on the 2oth stating my confirmation number would be sent to me in to or three days…. on the 2oth i received a confirmation from dhl delivery service that did not work. I emailed the email address back that sent the confirmation….. i was then sent out a fake spread sheet showing my supossdly order on the way…. and to not worry on December 30th… I sent another email out on Jan 3rd 2011saying i feel i was being scammed and got no response… Today i emailed the same email address and was sent this message. This email account will be discarded for some reason!!!! have a nice day Micheal Scofield…… I hope this is his real name and someone gets him or her…….Does any one know what action I can take??

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