During our New Years cruise on the Caribbean, the second of January of 2009 our port of call was St Maarten. We were on the (Adventure of the Seas) Royal Caribbean. (Exhibit 1) nMy Daughter and I went shopping on Main St Philipsburg St Maarten. The First store we enter was The Jewelry Exchange I saw a gemstone bracelet and told the sales person I think about the price We want to see more . The next store was Klass were we purchase a camera (Exhibit 2), crossing the St. was this small jewelry store Uj Ultimate Jewelers. nWhen we enter this sales person told us his name was Ash, my daughter saw a bracelet of black and white diamonds, Ash told us he was de designer of all the black and white collection he had on display, that he only designed on winter. He told us that every gem sold there came with a certificate or appraisal. During our conversation he also told us about his brother name I can’t remember because is Indian. He rapidly told her about a ring to match, so there she was trying different rings. He coastally ask us if we were going buy in cash or credit card, that cash will help him. We didn’t have that amount with us so he insisted until he stopped. nI tried to go out several times to have a cigarette and he didn’t want me lo leave so he brought an ash tray and a coke for my daughter. Very pushy person. No clients were in the store only Ash two other one with sliver hair and the impostor brother. A girl from St Maarten was working there. We paid for the bracelet and the ring. I decide to buy the ring for daughter as a Christmas gift, and she bought the bracelet with her father’s credit card (Exhibit 3). Ash continue talking and showing us more things. nThen he opens a wooden drawer and took out a blue plastic bag, Something for mom he took out 3 multicolor fresh water pearls necklace. I tried on two of them and negotiated the price it was $325.00 so he took it down to $200.00 and once again ask for cash that he will be grateful to us for cash.. My daughter gave him $160.00 and I gave him $40.00. nThis Guy was asking more than one time that if my daughter was married she told him all the time that NO. Then one thing that caught my attention and also set the alarm that we were been scammed was when took from another drawer a rectangular simple carton box with nothing written on it, when he open it two rows of white small envelopes more than 100. nInside were rare, almost pale 5 K diamonds, the color was very strange, he ask my daughter again if she was married and place the loosen diamond on her hand, the cost was $200,00.00. I ask him if it was more expensive that the famous heart of fire, he responded yes because it was bigger, I had no douth that these guys were scammers. I have never seen a jewelry store with diamonds that price out of a safe box. Millions out of a safe box? The insurance? nI told my daughter to step out of the store for a moment and told her my impressions so we decide to tell them that we did not wanted the merchandise and not to make the ring smaller. It took us no more than one minute.nWhen we told them they got upset and Ash had already disappear, they ask for a restocking fee and we didn’t even had the merchandise with us. The bracelet and ring never left the store I only had pearl necklace and no receive. They were very rude with my daughter and she lost control, she began crying it was so painful to see her like that. I went out of the store and ask a security o police I don’t know what it was he was dress in brown were the police station was. He told so I ran 2 or 3 streets. nWhen I was talking with the officer my daughter show up in the police station, the officer told her to calm down , he call by radio and told us to go back to the store that the officers were on their way.nWe went back to the store and we saw three officers, one lady and two gentleman dress in blue. I ask for their names and was told they could only give the name, one is Benjamin, cati or katy, and Arandel . nOfficer Benjamin was very respectful and professional when presented the case, they two men began talking in their native language so I didn’t understand what were saying. Then they told Officer Benjamin that he was UN respectfully to them in sarcastic and improper manners. The officer was in control all the time while these clowns were making fun of us. They showed the receipt that said that all sales are final, and that we had to pay the restocking fee. That they cloud lower the price of the ring, at that moment I told them for a second time I didn’t want the ring not after treating us like garbage including the officers. That they spent 45 minutes with us, and so many stupid and illogical responses and of course they told the officers that Ash was out to lunch. nOne of the question the officer asked the supposed owner and brother of ash was his address, and the man responds that he didn’t know his address and that he had a neighbor that was a police officer, the face and the sarcasm of that man was amazing.After hearing the response of the Indian and how officer Benjamin change his voice tone, he was very angry at this point. nAfter what she heard My daughter disappear from the store and I did not notice it. It was so stressful all the situation, finally the lady officer notice my anxiety and she told me may daughter was making a phones calls and she was with the other officer. I ask officer Benjamin the time 2.30pm and the last thing I saw was him writing information from a identification card with a photo from ASH brother were he told him then we have to go to court. nI left the store with the female officer and told her what will happened she told me don’t worry just make a dispute to your credit card. She was with me until we reach the Cyberlink were my daughter was with the other officer while making desperate calls to her credit card . She was worst and worst and told me to buy more minutes ( Exhibit 4) . nThe officer asks for our email and I wrote them in a paper he had. He also asks me if my daughter was married. I forgot to tell them I also0 purchase the pearls but I didn’t have the evidence or knowledge that what I was carrying were painted glass beads. nAfter she finishes the calls I tried to calm her down, people on that place were Puerto Ricans’ and Dominicans all asking what was happening with the girl.nOutside of the store I felt chest pain thanks God I have the nitroglycerin with me all the time. I was feeling awfull so my daughter calm down a little I told her to take me back to The jewelery Exchange were the other bracelet was. nAs soon as we enter they told me if I was feeling ok and gave me a glass of water. I rested there and we told then what had happened they say how did we get in that store that it was small . I just wanted to return to the ship as soon as possible so I purchases the bracelet I saw ( Exhibit 5 ) and we took a taxi to the ship since I was feeling so bad I could not make the walk back. nAt night after I felt better I went to the client services on the cruise, her name is Anca Popusco, I gave her all the information including their business cards . She told me she will pass it to the person who is in charge of the shopping in the cruise. nNext day the port of call was St Thomas as we disembark they were handling some store propaganda. I was unable to contact my credit card the second of January so I call from my daughters cellular . I saw the same bracelet and ring on the coupon book, I call the 3 of January and you can see the date and name of the person I talk to and ask for dispute papers.nWe went to several stores near the dock and there they were ASH Collection they had it on every store , Ash Designs they are made in china as we were told by Shana Sachwani. In St Thomas. nFinally we arrive to Puerto Rico and problems continue with ASH . on January 7/ 9.53 am ,she receive a call from Ash from a telephone number ( 305)- 677-9020 a Miami number, 1/8/09 5.09p.m and the last one 1/12/09 call twice 8.47 a.m and 9.01 am leaving another message were he wanted to get and agreement and fix the problem all this messages and the dates have been heard by the police of Newnan Georgia were my daughter lives and studies. WE have 2 complaints harassment and Financial Transaction Card fraud. ( Exhibit 6 ) . nFirst we do not have the merchandise and the terms don’t apply. Ash the last name is unknown by us, acted with premeditation and bad faith. He presented himself as designer. Trying to sell the bracelet and ring a lot higher than stores in St Thomas. nSearching the internet for complaints on the Caribbean regarding jewelry I have found that most victims not to say all are passengers from cruises. They know it is hard to take a plane back and dispute this scams in St Maarten Court is too difficult and expensive.nMost of them are families and have different stores and one owner.In there homepage the jewelry store they show is not the same we went to; the pictures are from a different place.The supposedly diamonds were not in a safe box, what about the insurance do the cover those diamonds? Why not in a safe box ? nI took my Fresh Water Pearls to a jeweler here and he show me some steps to find out about pearls , the claps were crystals not 14K and the hammer test , We took several pearls and broke them with the harmer, colored Cristal beads, we broke all the beads since I don’t want anything from them, that’s the reason for not having them in display, he notice we had no knowledge of jewelry . nI found these recommendations on the net regarding cruises and St . Maarten The cruise lines are always “one-removed”” away from the actual sale… While they (port shopping guides) appear to work for the cruise line (as they have a name badge with the name of cruise ship and a title) they more than likely do NOT work directly for the cruise line. They work for a company (as a contractor)

which attempts to control and/or steer you to specific stores on land (in the various ports of call). nThe only way for the port shopping referral company to ensure compliance (on behalf of the seller/merchant – to collect their percentage of the sale) is to get the passenger to complete a form

which activates the “”guarantee””. This in turn

acts as an inventory control system for off-ship sales. This process ensures that the cruise ship port of call shopping guide company gets paid. nThe system (while not complex) ensures compliance of both the seller and buyer. In addition

the jewelry store not only pays a percentage to the port shopping guide company but