Ultimate Chysler jeep okay we ask them to put in a engine in are 2005 jeep liberty they told us they cant because theres no engines for that car any more, i then look online to find out there’s 100’s of the thing’s. mountainhome Arkansas!!. I call back and let them know i can get one so they said they cant do it so i got another guy that will i told them a day later they call back said they found one. Hmmm funny so did i, so i say what will it cost they come out with 4800 to do the job. It’s on a inc plan so i pay half i pay them the $2,080 as they said thats my cost so then the engine get’s in the jeep so now they are asking for over 2000 more from us. They never called the inc comp so we all are on the same page. this caused the prob of what is going to have to be paid so now we dont have a jeep till this is setteled out and who knows what more they will come up with. They are saying they had to change other things that were working f

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Ultimate Chysler jeep