I cant believe i found your website too late. I ordered the ultra pms on the trial bases. then i received the email saying they will debit each month for a new supply. I tried to go back on the website but it wouldnt let me access with the username and password i had. Nor did it give the option to send you a password if you put in your email address. So i hit the contact us and sent an email. of course i didnt hear back. so i kept calling the number on the slip that came with the trial pills and no one ever was there, no matter when i called. nThen they took out the 44.90 and sent me a new shipment, which as soon as i received i called again, the man that answered-his name was john-was quite rude and said there are no refunds i should have called sooner.he gave me a cancel number. then another 24.00 was taken out this morning. ni went on again this morning once i saw this site and used the number -i spoke to nick johnson, who fed me the same bs that no refunds and it was a shame i couldnt get thru before the 30days. then he said this website is a fraud. i am going to take it to my bank to refute the charges and contact the other agencies on this site. These people shouldnt be allowed to rip people off. nAngelenanDEER PARK, New YorkU.S.A.

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