Deceptive ad and scam


My Complaint: As you have seen from the above other complaint the same has happened to me. It appears to be a free trial sample and shows Dr. OZ as if he is recommending the product. It is all suppose to be just for the price of shipping ($4.95) but check for small print for 15 days later they are re-billing you for $79.95 the bottle and shipping you another bottle (monthly) without any further discussion with you. When I called them they said it was in the ad and refused to credit me even if I had not used the sample bottle and still in the postage boxes the originally in. Beware for I feel as the other person making this complaint, It is a scam to milk you for a product that you can get much cheaper through other providers. I also ordered the garcinia cambogia thus I got a double hit bill for or 2 x (4.95 + 79.99) or $169.92


My Demand: They can have their product back if they pay the shipping and call it even. (no further billing and no $79.95 charge