Hold on to your wallets folks! Don’t touch that credit card! It’s UnbelievableSCAM.com. I visited the UnbeatableSale.com web site to purchase two sets of cookware. Oddly enough, the item description made no mention of how many Hot Spot Food Pockets were included per set. The photo of the featured item, however, shows four. Naturally, I assumed the offer included four per set. Click the link and see for yourself. nLater that same day, I returned to the web site and ordered a second set of Hot Spot Food Pockets (Item #: SMINV008). When the first parcel arrived, (the first set), the box contained only two Hot Pocketsnot four as pictured on the web site. When I complained, a customer service loser said, Sorry, but we’re not going to credit your account. It’s no fault on the part of UnbeatableSale.com that our web page doesn’t indicate how many Hot Pockets are included per set. You get two per set because we decided so. nThe second parcel (the second set I ordered) never arrived at my home. I contacted the company and requested a refund. No response and no credit to my charge card account. I had to file a complaint with the carrier UPS, and another complaint with my credit card company. Fortunately, I found a slew of consumer resource web sites on the internet to share my experience with. Caveat Emptor! nHightekbobnSaint Louis, MissouriU.S.A.

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