My father received two of these letters on the same day. The letters were for two different account numbers, two different dollar amounts unclaimed, and two different dates of last activity on the accounts.If the information contained in these two letters is legit, why didn’t National Geographic Partners contact him directly? He is a longtime subscriber and purchaser of National Geographic calendars, gifts, etc., so locating him should not be difficult, especially because the letter has his correct address. Nothing on Unclaimed Property Solutions’ website gives me confidence that these letters are legit. The address on their website is in Long Beach, CA, but the address on the letters is a P.O. Box in Brea, CA.The company logo on the letters is a poor, highly pixelated scan which makes the letters look fake. Also, the unclaimed amounts are relatively small ($11.29 and $42.19); therefore, I’d rather "leave the money on the table" than risk getting scammed. Unclaimed Property Solutions may be a legitimate company, but someone may be using their name and logo for mail fraud.Here is the text of the letter (also attached as a jpg):THE STATE OF ILLINOIS REQUIRES US TO NOTIFY YOU THAT YOUR UNCLAIMED PROPERTY MAY BE TRANSFERRED TO THE STATE IF YOU DO NOT CONTACT US.May 10, 2019(Listed my father’s name and address)Dear Owner:The records of National Geographic Partners indicate that the following property may be owed to you:(Listing of Account No., Item Date, Amount, and Property Type: "Outstanding customer balances")Since there has been no activity on this account since the date indicated above, the amount has been classified as abandoned property. To document the claim, please complete the requested information and mail this letter to the address below. Upon receipt of the completed claim, we will initiate the process to provide the above amount to you. If we do not hear from you on or before June 14, 2019, these funds will be remitted to the State of Illinois as unclaimed property per state law. Claims would then have to be made directly with the state.Unclaimed Property Solutions, LLCP.O. Box #579 | Brea, CA 92822[email protected]Fax: (562) 372-3667Have questions about this letter? Please vist our website: check one:__I AM DUE these funds.__I am NOT the property owner indicated above.__The property owner is DECEASED and I am authorized to act on the deceased property owner’s behalf. If this box is checked, you are required to provide all pages of the deceased property owner’s certified final death certificate and other official documentation (e.g., complete copy of the deceased property owner’s signed will, complete and signed copy of the deceased property owner’s trust, proof of your appointment as personal representative of the estate, etc.) proving your right to claim the property.ff address is different from above, please provide current address here.________________________________________________Owner Signature_____________________________ Date__________________Phone Number_______________________________