I gave them a simple project where they suppose to buy the necessary items to complete the job. So I gave them $300 intialy.$300 for buying the sod and cement for the project. When they came in after week of delay they said they had to use all the money to buy the sod becuase whateever they estimated was wrong. They said Sod is coming in 5 days. They did not have any money so I had to buy the cement for them. Which i bought for them. First day they came in they did one side of the proejct to fill the cement. They demanded labor money which I gave them. So job is not done they came in second day filled the other side with cement but this side they did not fill it all the way so job is complted. Also still waiting for sod to arrive in 2 days. They demanded more labor money on second day which I gave them because I was stupid. They said they will be back tomorrow and will finished the job. They almost collected all the labor moeny was decided before the job. I waited next 3 days no sod . they said it’s back ordered they have to get it from different place. I told them let’s wait for the sod for later day why not finish the concrete job you guys left it unfinished. Now story is they are not making enough money for this project. Also sod money they have they don’t want to return it either. NO comminication from this people . Don’t give any job to this people because what ever they promise won’t be completed by them. They just like to take your money and run away with it. basically robbing you.