You’ll think a place called sacred heart will be a safe guesthouse to stay? A place ran by the sisters of Fatimah – Especially when the archbishop himself Ignatius Anyawu Kaigama lives in the compound??? NOT!!! This man of “God” almost got me killed due to his paranoia. He’s so afraid of his own shadow and will protect his title by any means necessary – even kill if that’s what it takes. I stayed at this guesthouse and was victimized beyond words!!! He put me on surveillance, bugged, searched my room and seized my documents by his own admission because he wanted to know who I was even though I met with him to introduce myself, I attended daily mass, go to adoration and light candles. He still thought I was planted there to hurt him. My question IS – why not ask that I take my business elsewhere instead of victimizing me. They do all kinds of stuff that is against their Catholic vows that’s why they are paranoid. Kaigama especially. He’s an evil man. Don’t be fooled! All that going around pretending to do God’s work is a fa├žade. Please stay AWAY! from this guesthouse at all cost. Satan is their master there. Church people know what’s going on but are too afraid of this evil man. He claimed he’s larger than life and cannot bring himself down to my level when I confronted him. That’s exactly what Jesus Christ will say Mr. Archbishop!!! Makes you wonder how he fakes it this far.