I went to into Brea mall on 2-24-15 to purchase one pair of sunglasses. After locating the NYS Sunglasses kiosk I browsed for a pair I liked. Finding one pair I decided to buy them. I gave the agent my debit card and he swiped it and asked me to sign. Before signing for it I changed my mind after finding out they were going to cost me $32.40 and decided on a different cheaper pair for $15.00. So he switched out the sunglasses and I finally signed for the debit purchase. The receipt showed one charge for $15.00 and I walked out. Skimming my bank statement this past week I noticed that NYS sunglasses had charged me for the pair I had decided not to buy. So I went back to the mall to ask for my money back. The agent on scene was not the same guy and he called the owner on his personal cell phone. I explained the situation to the owner and he said he couldn’t do anything without a receipt. I also explained that I didn’t have a receipt for the purchase in question because I decided not to buy it. After hearing that, owner Sameer accused me of changing my story and being shady and said he could still do nothing to resolve the problem to take it up with my bank.. I demand full refund. Stay away

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