I purchase a United ticket from Houston to Boston weeks in advance. I paid $79.00 for an upgrade premium isle set. I checked in the night prior to the flight and still had the premium isle set that I paid for. When I arrived at the bag check point I found out my premuim isle set was taken from me, and I was placed in a middle set. I than paid an additional $82.00 to get ot of the middle set to a window set. Just minutes prior to boarding the gate attendant removed me from my twice paid for premium set, to board a standby couple. I was again moved back in the plane and put in a middle set. The gate attendant claimed she has to right to change anyones set regardless of what they paid for. As I was working to get my set back, the gate attendant refused to return me to the set. She refused to retrieve my luggage, and set it with the flifht. It had my insulin and other needed medication. My set was taken and I was forced to take another flight the next day. The only set available was a non reclining set in the plane. United sells you the upgrade without honoring the upgrade, and can and will take it from you if it provides them more profit

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