Here’s the condensed version: August 4: four of my children and myself arrive at the Pasco, WA airport to board a flight to Brazil. We will be living here for three years. We had problems with our confirmation number from the very beginning. We eventually (after a whole hour at the check in counter) got through security and to the gate. The gate agent says “Oh good. We knew you were coming.”” Then only 2 of the 5 boarding passes would scan. Elderick

the gate agent

calls for help from the ticket counter 4 times. No one comes. Then a groundscrew member comes in the door to see what the hold up is. She calls for help. No one comes or even responds. Elderick eventually tells us that there is nothing he can do and the flight has to leave. So

they close the door and the flight takes off without us. Seven of our extra large suitcases made it on the flight and all the way to Brasilia without us. Our tickets were originally purchased on so we immediately contacted them. We were continually told that United Airlines entered us in the system as “”no shows”” which therefore cancelled the last two legs of our itinerary. All United had to do was change the erronously entered status and we would be able to rebook our flights without any problems. They would not. On Friday

August 5 Expedia told us that if we did not request a refund then