Please contact me as I will be disputing my upgrade charges. The highlight to the trip was Bill Mac flight attendant. Everyone else was bitter and not willing to assist. I was a premier and was going to be again this year but am considering donating my miles and changing to ANA or JAL. Just to list a few of the problems I encountered (I have photos to back everything up): Aug 6th 2009 LAX flight 0891 1. When I arrived in LAX, there was a promotion going on and if you spin a wheel you were upgraded to economy plus. This is the same upgrade I paid 110 dollars for. 2. When I boarded the flight, I found out the window seat I was assigned didnt have a window (747-400 seat 21K). 3. Preparing for departure, the flight attendant notified the passengers that the center display was broken, so we wouldnt be able to view the movies. THE RETURN FLIGHT ONLY ADDED TO THE NEGATIVE EXPERIENCES OF THE PREVIOUS FLIGHT AS OUTLINED BELOW: Aug 16th 2009 NRT Flight 0890 4. When I arrived at NRT, I went to the connection counter. 60+ persons were in line and only one agent was available. I waited for 30 minutes, but the line was moving so slowly, I would have missed my flight. 5. I went to the red carpet club and the woman was nice enough to provide me with my gate information. She advised me to go the any gate and that they could issue me a boarding pass. 6. I went to a San Francisco boarding area and asked if they could print my boarding pass, the woman responded Im too busy GO to your gate, I CANT HELP YOU. 7. 40 min later, an agent appeared at my gate and assisted me. I told them I had upgraded to e-plus and had a window seat BUT there was no window 747-400 seat 21K. He went aboard and confirmed that there was no window but could assist me in reassigning me another seat. 8. Woman seated next to me was 200+ plus LBS and didnt fit in the middle seat. She had to put the arm rest up to fit and this made it difficult to adjust my seat or select audio option. Because I am an experienced business traveler and I realize that things can happen, any one of these issues would probably have been accepted and dismissed, however, the multiple combination of so many problems has warranted my submitting this complaint and expecting a quick resolution. As I mentioned in an earlier comment, the connection counter was under staffed and when I went to another gate, the agent was not willing to assist and told me to go away. This was the worst experience Ive had with an airline. I fly international 3 to 4 times a year and will looking at selecting another airline going forward. I had upgraded to e- plus and had a window seat WITHOUT a window (747-400 seat 21K) I have photos. Also the woman seated next to me was 200+ plus LBS and didnt fit in the middle seat. She had to put the arm rest up to fit and this made it difficult to adjust my seat, go to or from the restroom, use my tray, or select audio option. I couldnt use the audio system as the woman sitting next to me was too big and we needed to put the arm rest up to allow her to sit. Plus, on an international flight it would have been nice to have an entertainment system. Please contact me as I would prefer not to dispute the charges or go to small claims court. By far, this was the worst flight experience Ive ever had in my twenty plus years of flying and it will be difficult to recommend United to my coworkers or our travel group. United was a preferred carrier but was dropped due to issues members of Sony have encountered. I chose United as I was looking to get my status back (Premier or higher) and was looking forward to the benefits of my upgrades status. Unfortunately, this will not be the case. I had filled out a survery where United promised to respond within 5 days. It has now been 2 weeks without an acknowledgement or response! This only adds to the problems encountered on my flights. I am therefore sending this letter to any contact I can find at United until I received and acceptable solution including a refund of my upgrade. Internet United States of America

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