United foreclosure specialist is a nationwide coaching company who teach real estate to homeowners who are in need of personal assistance, apppartly this person knows nothing about the foreclosure situations called mortgage backed securitys sold to nationwide banks and and the coppied paperwork being used to foreclose on american homeowners. if your mortgage loan was sold or assigned over the last seven years with a coppied document then think of this of as a coppied check or 100 dollar bill, you or i cant cash either one so why is the bank, the burdon of proof is on the homeowners to due one of two things, sue the bank or lender or claim bk, that simple. this person is need of some real estate coaching to get his story straight about what he said about united foreclosure it has been in business two yeas and all clients have been happy or with no complaint. This unknow person at 949-407-6248 calls and trys and talks me into having him work for me to stop this complaint, and i asked his name, who he would not give me or his company info, so i said he hung the phone up and did this report. .

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