We were told we would receive a free cruise for attending their presentation. The cruise in fact was not free. Also, they promised to assist in selling our Timeshares. We were pressured into signing up that evening in order to be able to take advantage of all the wonderful opportunities they offered. nWe were to receive two weeks bonus vacation for signing that evening, etc., etc. nWe have never been able to book any vacation thru them. The system was too cumbersome plus you had to give them 3 days to find the requested accommodations. We could have booked all our travel for a lot less than what they were offering. nThis is the biggest scam I’ve ever seen and they have received almost all of the $4500 for absolutely nothing in return. nLarrynLeesburg, FloridaU.S.A.

3690 East Bay Dr., Largo, Florida U.S.A.

727-531 1400

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