Complaint: NEW YORK, Nov. 2, 2018 /PRNewswire/ — CARI Corp sues New York-based United Virtualities (, technology providers that services Fortune 100 companies. The Plaintiff, CARI Corp, et al., dba RT Kraken, a division of CARI Corp, alleged breach of contract, non-payment, tortious interference, piercing the corporate veil as a shell company, and numerous other counts. According to PacerMonitor, case number 1:18-cv-07034was assigned to George B. Daniels in the New York Southern District. About United Virtualities: United Virtualities is alleged to be a shell corporation created by Oren Barzilay and brothers Daniel Lopatin and Lucas Lopatin. It is believed that Barzilay, Daniel Lopatin and Lucas Lopatin, solicit business from major corporations such as Hewlett Packard, L’Oreal Paris, PepsiCo, Google, Global Clinical Conference, and numerous others, for technology work using shell companies. It is alleged the individuals named in the complaint send these projects to South American subcontractors while portraying the subcontractors as United Virtualities’ employees. About The Complaint: The Company (United Virtualities), according to the Complaint filed in New York Federal Court, is a shell company. The Complaint alleges that the Company claims to be a New York-based Company. According to the Complaint, when the Plaintiffs discovered the Lopatin Brothers were poaching their employees and taking their proprietary information, the Plaintiff attempted to contact the Lopatin Brothers to resolve the matter. The complaint states the Lopatin Brothers had ceased paying the Plaintiff on contracts for services on accounts like L’Oreal as a means to leverage a release for the poaching technique. When the Plaintiff’s tried contacting the Lopatin brothers, no response was provided. The Plaintiff’s went to visit the address provided on United Virtualities’ website and Bloomberg profile, only to discover no employees or staff present, as pled in the Complaint. The Complaint further alleges that the address found on the 1099’s issued by the Company, 34 E 67th Street, New York, is also a fake address. According to the lawsuit, the Lopatin brothers, under the name “United Virtualities”” is not even registered to do business in New York

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Website: United Virtualities gives these subcontractors email addresses at to trick and mislead its customers into thinking they are United Virtualities employees. Furthermore

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