I put $595 down on a 2006 Infiniti G35 on July 11,2014. An Kenan Moose the sales rep at universal auto plaza told me that the car would be ready in 48 hours. So I waited 2 days an then no car so I decided to asl for my money refunded back to me he said Okay. But everytime I asked to come get the money he told me he was in tampa an at diffrent car autions. So I decided to call the store an ask one of the other reps where he was an he happended to be in the office after he told me he was at auction in tampa. So he issued me a check for the $595 an it bounced. I was going to go to a diffrent lot but then he said he just got in a car way better than the Infiniti an he would let me get that with 3500 more dollars he would let me get the car cash out the door. He then puts me in a car only to tell me to bring it back so he can fix it then he tells me he was never going to fix the car an that he just wanted to reposess the car an I wouldn’t be able to get my deposited down payment back because of the repo. I asked for copies of my receipts at time of putting the 3,500 down an he told me countless times the ink was down an so was the system so I didn’t think a business would be this grimey an sneaky so I didn’t think anything of it. .