350 stollen from a struggling family


My Complaint: Called # from add, was sent an email to fill out and returned, my husband went to 7eleven to pay the $350 that was til to be paid, I was called a couple hours later by some oriental lady I could barly understand who asked me a couple questions and said she would be sending me an email with a list of properties that meet my criteria. In the list it also says to drive by the property and then return an email stating which ones we would be interested in touring! I dont have time to just drive by properties so I just replied with a couple of ones i thought would work after street viewing the property on map quest. I was then sent and email with a confirmation for an appointment time and the person I will meet with. I then talked to my sister and told her about this place in which she said please dont that place scammed us. I google this place and find that others have been scammed! I then call the main # and am put on hold and magically the phone hangs up n I try calling back 2 more times with no answer. Within 5 mins I receive a call from the # of the lady who had asked me the questions. I told her that I Googled the address given for the appt and that there are unit #s and to tell me which unit I was to go to. Her phone got all choppy and hung up! I called back and she told me to just email her and game me the email of [email protected]. I email her the same question in which her reply was that “mike” will meet me at the entrance to the property! I said what’s the name of the property. She was shocked as if I didn’t have the address and resent the email with the address and appt time. I told her I know that but am I just meeting some random person. She replied that mike would be at the entrance waiting for me. I asked what he drove and she said he will be there at 5pm at the entrance and that he will show me to the unit. I then said ok I will be there 5pm mike better be there or I will go to every unit and let them know their community is being scammed! I then called my husband and asked him about the $350 he said he was told to put the $ on a gift card and call them back and give them the gift card info. If I would of known that I would of told him not to bother. So he has called the gift card company who then gave him the transaction history and #s to the places the money was spent and to call them and let them know the situation and that we will be getting our money back. He is also filing a police report. I am beyond upset. We are a struggling family with 6 kids. 3 of which have medical issues. Why would people do this to us?


My Demand: $350 returned and this place/people penalized