I received a fax at my job advertising a list of vacation destinations at unbelievable costs. I called to ask about them and decided to move forward with a Hawaii vacation Condo/airfare for $600.00. They stated I would receive a package in about 10 days and it would come certified mail. They noted I would have to pay an additional $69.00 fee per person for booking. Once I received my package it was evident I had not bought a vacation but was buying a discount vacation program with a bonus vacation. In order to receive my vouchers for my “bonus”” vacation I had to send in a form with my chosen destination. I looked into the company who would fulfill these vouchers and they seemed ligit so I went forward. I was definetly dismayed but did not want to loose what I had already put in. As promised by the travel center I received my vouchers – one for a 7 night hotel not condo which in order to use I had to sent an additional $400.00. I also received a brochure for a pick my dentination which where several choices for hotel


airfare ect. This was I guess for my airfare. I then would have to activate the brochure/voucher by paying additonal 100.00. Once activated then I would have to pay an additional 50.00 on top of that. I decided at this point I would look into each of these companies. I found alarming information on both. Mainly where they were not prompt in getting back to customers with dates and not able to fulfull dates asked for so on and so fourth. Also people were having a hard time being refunded when dates were not available. After researching I decided this was too risky and decided to ask for a refund from the travel center who fulfilled the vouchers. In addition

I contacted the Universal Travel about a refund. The travel center responded promptly and stated if I returned the vouchers they would return $88.00 of the money sent but would have to keep $50 for processing. I received the refund on 8/09/2013. In regards the Univerasl Travel Network has only responded once with a very unprofessional demenor and no closure. Please find that correspondence below: Dear Travel Network As I have not heard from you

I will seek further legal action. Francine BFrom: Francine B [xxxxxxxx] Sent: Friday