I placed a tentative order with Universalrxfl.com for a weightloss medication called Phendimetrazine. I provided my credit card number and was told that I would be charged a 19.95 non-refundable fee plus the cost of the meds. However, my card would only be charged when my tentative order was processed and the meds shipped. My order was tentative because my doctor still needed to provide a prescription for the order to be processed. My doctor never did provide a prescription, didn’t feel it was a good idea he would provide himself so he could monitor. nSo in the interim of my doctor advising me of his opinion I checked on the status of my order 5 times, and each time received a response from [email protected], advising that either they could not recognize my email or that my order was currently being processed and would be completed when they received my doctor’s prescription. To date, my order has not been filled because my doctor will not approve it, but my credit card has been charged twice a fee of $20.99. I called card33.com at 800 605-9875 (charge generated from them on bank statement) today to see why. I was advised by a representative name Ashley that the 19.95 was non-refundable and that the second charge was the monthly fee membership to card33.com. If I didn’t want to be a member I should have cancelled after the first month which was free. nUniversalrxfl.com‘s website does not advise anything about a month free trial at the 19.95 fee and that you have to cancel or it will continue. I told the rep this and she said that she would submit my request to have the charges reversed and that someone would contact me via email within 24-48 hours. I wanted to confirm the conversation I had with her so I reviewed the old emails that I had received and you can neither bring up the website for universalrxfl.com nor will the [email protected] email address accept any emails. nLastly, I am sure that if I go back and research my bank statements prior to this months that I will find the same charges for $20.99. I will update this report if needed. nGenevanFresno, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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