Complaint: University Green Road Medical Center provides medical offices for a lot of University Hospital of Cleveland physicians – who should be able to behave professionally, with courtesy, and before they cause complications with misjudgments – to discuss patient concerns and all options – with the patient or physician. You don’t just walk in after driving all night, schedule a procedure without thinking because your father just died, and not see the ‘shock’ on the patient’s face – but they do this at University Green Road Suburban. Dr. Thomas Stellato is the Medical Director and one of the worst offenders of trying to see patients without a night’s sleep, the proper reading or preparation, or the proper affect – if you are bored with patients that day, cancel the office Dr. Stellato and take a few days – like you should have done years ago when you got too tired or had a family emergency. Now finally patients can refuse to see a physician, or undergo a surgery, if the surgeon presents too tired and with no sleep – your replacement at University Hospitals talks about it at Grand Rounds. And next of kin phone numbers are to be called before there is a mix-up about a surgery or appointment – which Dr. Stellato’s Office Manager can’t seem to do – although she breaks into tears when you confront her with this. The secretaries at Green Road should be able to contact patients, or physicians, before procedures, and to explain these procedures – not be accusing patients of ‘standing someone up’ when no information was sent to the patient about where to show up and when. If there was nothing in the mail, the procedure wasn’t scheduled properly Dr. Stellato – blame the person who did the scheduling. Things have declined in the last 10-20 years. Dr. Thomas Stellato is the Medical Director and has the responsibility of being a showcase for the kinds of behaviors that should go on at University Suburban Green Road. Yet Dr. Stellato – when he makes a mistake or misjudgment – which causes a patient harm – needs to discuss – and he’s calling the South Euclid Police – with the support of the Administration – leading physicians to believe that someone is cognitively impaired over there. And before Dr. Stellato handles more patients, he needs to go through the patients that he needs to discuss things with, and solve ALL the problems of the past that he’s caused by trying to do too many jobs through the years. You can’t run a private practice, be Chief of General Surgery, be the Medical Director of Green Road Suburban, etc. And he’s not Medical. All General Surgeons at University Green Road should be able to diagnose, and treat conservatively, an inflamed nerve in an incision that they caused – not to cause that patient to have a neurectomy (nerve excised which is painful & deforming). This is treated with a nerve block, non-inflammatories, and observation – by Anesthesia – and there’s a number of anesthesiologists at University Green Road – who can see patients between procedures for this – before Dr. Stellato schedules another procedure for abdominal wall pain. It’s not a cause to provide misinformation to a patient, or physician, about – or to break a sweat about – it’s a common problem that Dr. Stellato and his staff of surgeons need to have information on and be able to diagnose correctly – and they should all be able to fix the surgeries that should not have been done cutting muscles & nerves. If Dr. Stellato can invent bariatric procedures, he should be able to repair a few muscles – it’s not brain surgery – it’s just General Surgery 101. Dr. Stellato’s own misassessment of this has caused trouble on this diagnosis – and he needs to be able to repair the muscles cut in unnecessary procedures on patients for this and stop making this mistake – his misassessment caused the mistake. And when someone leaves him the medical literature on the diagnosis of superficial abdominal wall pain at his office – articles written by a Gastroenterologist who trained at University Hospitals initially – he needs to read them – not give them to the police or throw them away. When he sees a patient where this might be the diagnosis, he needs to order the appropriate workup, and document the appropriate concerns in the records when they are requested – the differential diagnosis which still applies to him as to other surgeons. Dr. Stellato was supposed to be the alternate choice for the Chief of Surgery at University Hospitals several years ago – yet he can’t repair a few muscles with a University plastic surgeon – superficial abdominal wall pain is a difficult diagnosis and the unnecessary surgeries are deforming, painful, and the common mass closures just ridiculous. If Dr. Stellato wants a surgical problem to solve: solve the problem of the abdominal fascial closure – include women patients – and repair with layered closures = the Art of Surgery for Dummies. The literature on this is horrible. Dr. Stellato needs to learn to discuss at sixty-some, it’s not anything that the South Euclid Police Department know anything about or can fix – so please stop the behavior – it’s demeaning to the patients and reflects poorly on all physicians who trained at University Hospitals or worked there for any period of time. The Green Road Suburban Administration needs to require that if Dr. Stellato makes a misassessment, he discusses, as every other physician has to do. Dr. Stellato’s secretary needs to answer her phone and get back to patients – with mailing or internet communications for procedures. Her job is not to be the blood pressure girl for the building – that’s where mistakes happen to start.

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