I want to start by letting you know that I have been a Uniway member for over 20 years and at one time I even worked for them. While I’m not claiming that each complaint that I have read here is not a legitimate complaint, I’m sure one or two may be, but for the most part all I have read is half truths and out and out lies! nWhen I worked as a sales rep the potential member was invited to come in and take a tour of the catalog and showroom, durring that tour the intire Uniway concept was explained and the member to-be was shown how, when and where Uniway came about. nNot only was it explained it was shown in big bold letters with a presentation book. Even the reason that they ask you to make your desision that day was explained. That reason is because Uniway sales everything at the Manufactors cost and CANNOT become competition with the retail market. nOne has to be invited to join, you cannot just walk in and out as in a retail store. As for those of you that have claimed to have canceled there membership and was done wrongly, We live in a world of rules and laws, you were given and signed a legal and binding contract for membership into the club and now Your problem is you for some reason have decided not to abide by the rules that we all must live by. nYou willingly signd a contract to become a member into a club where you can purcase furniture and thousands of other items at prices that are unheard of and you were given an amount of time to cancel, if you wished to do so. nYour problem is when you did decide to cancel the amount of time to do so had expired. Now I ask you… Whos fault is that? Again I have been a member going back to 1979 and almost everthing in my home and garage was bought through Uniway and I have saved THOUSANDS and THOUSANDS. nI can tell you that as a member you cannot and will not save on everything, but the pros of membership far out weigh the cons! I am a happy member and I know many, many others that are pleased with their membership as well. nI would even go as far to say that there are many times more happy members that there are dissatisfied ones. If not then why has Uniway been in business since 1972 and has even grown to other States as well??? nGregnAtlanta, Georgia


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