I lost a lot of money because of these unprofessional and criminal minded con artists. They have absolutely no clue how a business is run. The words like professionalism, manners, etiquette, decency cease to exist in their dictionary. They are a bunch of shameless scammers whos mission is to loot as much as they can from people who have limited knowledge in this domain. The owner of this company John J Kresevic is a criminal and a convicted felon. He is convicted of some serious crimes, he has somehow managed to dupe thousands of people without letting them know of his past and background. I feel bad for the people who trusted JFQ Lending , this man doesnt deserve to be out on the streets, i think he is out on bail but he needs to be in a cell so he doesnt continue to defraud people and deprive them of their money and right. JFQ Lending is a company based in Scottsdale who has managed to create a fake reputation online based on fake and planted positive reviews everywhere, please do not fall for it, they have not only created a fake perception but are also trying their best to bury the dirty dark secrets of their criminal boss John Kresevic. This guy is so shameless that even after being convicted of serious crimes, he is continuing to scam people. I urge authorites to investigate him and his dirty business of looting people. JFQ Lending you will soon be out of business. There is not one single decent employee, either they are a felon or they are unprofessional and lousy. Do not trust them, Do not believe anything they say, Do not fall for any of it.

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