Never go to this business. They are nothing but scammers and swidlers. They make you buy things blindly. They also do not accept service or assistance animals. For example: My mother and I went in for some wax for our dreadlocks. They had a vast variety of supplies. We first investigated the brand we use and they had different types of locking products. We picked up several products and tested them. The testing included: Whiffing Light touching to feel consistency’ Reading Ingredients Googling ingredients we weren’t sure about Calling our natural haircare “expert” (just my cousin) for her opinion. One of the shop workers pushed past us and went up to the owner. Little did we know, he was “tattling” on us in Chinese so we wouldn’t understand. We see him walking towards us and politely asked him if he knew where the beeswax was (we hadn’t found a satisfactory product) and he asked us if we touched any of the locking waxes. We said we touched the top lightly to only get a feel to see if it was any real wax and that none of the products were satisfactory. He stumbled around for words and finally said that we cant smell or open products before we purchase them. 1. Before I put ANYTHING in my hair, I need to understand the product. This includes seeing if it is greasy or has a bad odor. Next, he told us that if we need consult on the product we ask them. And we’re not allowed to post things on the internet of products and discuss products on the phone. 2. I will google any ingredient I want. If it’s not helpful to my hair, I’m not putting it in my hair. I will also consult the person who knows more than I do about a product, my hair needs nourishment not damage and synthetic fillers. Then he told us that we would have to pay double for the product because we touched it. 3. What the hell? After that, he told me that my service dog wasn’t welcome because I didn’t look disabled, and Axel didn’t look qualified. I showed him a doctors note and he told us no pets were allowed. 4. I have lupus and a schmorgesboard of other diseases, its on my obvious medical bracelets. I have a doctors note stating that I needed an emotional support animal (for EXACT situations like this when I’m upset and flustered). Also, he has no right to come at me for my disabilities or my medical eqipment. Thats right, when I’m home, Axel (my dog) is a pet. When he is in his assistance dog gear, he is an assistance dog. And I have the right to take him wherever I go. My mother asked him about the signs that stated these rules. He couldn’t point any out because there were none. So we put the product back and tried to walk out. The owner blocked the door so we couldn’t leave. Axel began to growl at him (he’s also Shutzhund and if someone appears threatening to his family he takes warning actions, if they attack he takes defensive actions). He threatened to have Axel put down. So we paid for the stuff that wasn’t what we wanted and left. This business is TERRIBLE. .

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