Uptown Real Estate Group INC , Mariana Saldana Mariana Saldana Mariana saldana uptown real estate group stole my credit card information and charged me without authorization!! HOUSTON TX!!. MARIANA SALDANA LISTS HOMES THAT ARE NO LONGER FOR RENT OR SALE!!!!!!!!! Real estate scam No. 2: Youu2019re renting a home that doesnu2019t exist Wait, what? But you can see it online, and itu2019s spectacular. Nice neighborhood, huuuuuge backyard! Sorry; that house might indeed have those features, but itu2019s not actually available. Hereu2019s how this racket works: The scammer “borrows” the address and photos from a vacant home listed for sale and creates a bogus home-for-rent ad online, explains Tom Hume of the Hume Group in Tacoma, WA. When you ask to meet the supposed landlords, the answer is that theyu2019re out of the country and can only communicate via email; sometimes, the scammers will use a phone call to draw you in. They ask you to send a deposit and re

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