The owner Shawn who claims to own the poperty with a group of investors under the idenity Uptown Suites LLC (This is a lie he is the owner and uses this LLC to avoid personal liability) he moves people in quick with huge deposit including first and last months rent up front in full gives you no problems to move in quick and get your money. then he starts harassing you knocking on door incessently with fees he is adding that you must pay within 7 days or eviction. this is a regular occurance. He also starts regularly gives you Violations “drafted up by his attorney”” creating a paper trail. even if you comply and fix whatever bogus “”violation”” he has accused you of he does not and will not provide you with any paperwork stating this. therefore he can still evict you bc he has served you with nesscessary paperwork. he makes you think everything is fine dont worry about the paperwork

“” the attorney”” or “” accounting”” made me give it to you

but “”I will talk to them your fine just ignore it””.. he is a verified con man and very good and making you think everything is okay and he likes you and wants you to stay! but he will Evict you after getting rent and deposit from you NONE are refundable! and when it comes time for eviction court your screwed bc he has all the paperwork and notices and everything that he served you with

even though u did everything he asked and corrected alleged violations u have NO proof of it and BAM your evicted! He pulls this scam once every couple months EVICTION with at least half of the tenants! GURANTEED When i moved in there were 5 units avail and he claimed they were bad people

doing drugs and trashy so he had to get them out (EVICT ALL 5 TENATS! naturally I agreed and was glad those kinds of people were gone since i was leasing there… a week after moving in I meet one of the tenants he had evicted who runs a mecanic shop. he was doing some work on my car and through convo realized i was leasing where he was just evicted from. he was a really nice honest trustworthy guy and he informed me of the landlords scam. a couple weeks later i meet another ex tenant who told me the same thing. neither of these people were drug users or bad in any way i now use the mechanic exclusively on my car bc he always gives me good price and never tries to push services on me i dont need. the other ex tenant through business has become a friend and neither deserved to be evicted. well just like they warned 2 months later I was being EVICTED for NOTHING!!!!! but not just me