We were in search of corgi puppies and some cute puppies for sale on uptowncorgies.com. We emailed them to inquire and they quickly responded and created a sense of urgency for me to respond if I wanted them to reserve the puppies for my brother and I. When we confirmed they asked us to pay $500 each through Zelle in separate payments plus an additional $150 through Western Union. They asked for the nearest airport for delivery and they advised that they would contact me the following morning with flight information for the puppies’ tracking. In the morning we received an email from the "shipping" company claiming I needed to pay $1000 for the rental of a thermal crate for the puppies’ safety. This was never disclosed by the seller so I questioned it. On top of that, the shipper wanted payment in form of several Walmart gift cards and asked for pictures of the gift card code before they shipped. When I asked the seller for my money back he refused and threated me saying he’d take me to court because the puppies were now under my name and I would be charged with abandonment. I am currently trying to dispute the transactions.