Complaint: While there are many ethical issues within Urban Talent, I would like to focus on one big problem in particular. Urban Talent is a modeling agency which uses scam-like tactics to recruit new models. I was scouted as a model the fall of 2016 through Instagram. During my initial meeting with an agent, I was intensely flattered. The agent compared me to one of their top models, told me how marketable I was, and how successful I could be. After copious amounts of compliments, he whipped out two contracts. One was for Urban Talent, and the other was for Style Inc, a company which provides training and photo shoots to models. Legally, Urban can’t train their own models within their own company because that’s what scam model agencies do. However, Style Inc is run by almost the exact same people as Urban. It’s a system loophole so they can make money off their training. The Style Inc share the same phone number, email addresses, and physical address and Urban Talent.As a separate ethical issue, the amount of money I was asked to pay for Style Inc’s training is well above industry standards. I paid $1000 for a very poor-quality, unprofessional shoot, and another $1000 for training.Urban is the definition of a wolf in sheep’s clothing.I am currently stuck in a contract with a difficult termination policy. I want to be let out of my contract to not be associated with such an unethical company.

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