1. Flowers were ordered on 5/9 and should be delivered on 5/11. I made a call to urban… in 5/11 morning – their answer was – “on delivery”” n2. Flowers were not delivered on 5/11 (the order is time-sensitive

for birthday). n3. I sent two emails in the evening to get the standard response from autoresponder – it’s funny

that AUTOresponder explains delay in delivery by Mothers Day (seems that all orders made before and AFTER that day are not delivered in time) n4. Today at 10 A/M/ I sent a new message with high priority asking about my order. The reply was again from the autoresponder and with the same silly explanation. n5. I spent a lot of time for the phone call to urbanflorists

and have heard two dozen times how important is my call to them. The standard message contains also advice to use email – but I know

that it is a WRONG WAY from one autoresponder to other. n6. Finally