Complaint: This is a Lifeline Cell Phone program job scam by UrgeMobile’s Tony Ross(CEO & Founder). The company issued agent codes to enrollment agents around the country to use on web-enabled tablets, after the work was completed Urge Mobile just decided not to pay the independent contractors hired to do the work of enrolling qualified applicants on government benefits(Medicaid, SNAP(Food Stamps), etc.). UrgeMobile is a master wireless agent which operates as the middle man between the Major wireless companies like (SafeLink, Tracfone, H20, Simple Mobile, Telcel America, Page Plus, Net 10 wireless) and local stores, businesses, and independent contractors. The CEO Tony Ross claims he built his company with experience, hard work, and his vision for the industry, however, he is not responding to the claims that his company owes many contractors and third party entities money for work completed in collecting enrollments for the Lifeline cell phone program. People like Tony Ross need to know that people do not work to line his pockets with cash owed to the people that actually performed the work. UrgeMobile was shut down by SafeLink in July for unscrupulous activites and seems to have somehow blamed innocent contractors as the culprits when it is obvious the contractors are the victims of a job scam. The success that Mr. Tony Ross measures for himself is nothing more than smoke and mirrors. Mr. Tony Ross is bad busioness for our economy by not paying people what they are owed. Send him your thoughts on his current scam. URGE506

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